Artistic difference, in unison
Cristina Valls · Reus Diari · 30 May 2016

There are artists who want to tell stories through art and others who prefer the viewer to participate in them. This is the result of the exhibition that artists Modest Almirall and Teresa Riba have created in their joint exhibition at Anquin’s Art Gallery. The pictorial, drawing, and sculptural works were inaugurated together last week [...]

The lesser and greater doubts of Almirall
Jaume Vidal · El País · 8 July 2000

The painter Modest Almirall (Ca N’Aguilera, Barcelona, 1959) presents some singular abstract surfaces that find their sense of representation in a series of tiny characters painted with needles and magnifying glass. With these figures, the artist sets out to represent the human situation in the face of the great questions and small doubts that life [...]

Modest Almirall
Juan Bufill · La Vanguardia · 30 June 2000

The protagonists of Modest Almirall’s paintings (Ca N’Aguilera, Barcelona, 1959) are solitary characters, who appear as diminutive figures in grand architectural spaces, archetypal, geometrical, and otherwise depopulated. The plaza, the abyss, the horizon, the tower or the staircase are, apart from space and colour, the settings for these paintings. However, his aim is not to [...]

Things of today and now
Jaume Vidal · El País · 22 June 2000

Modest Almirall, in the Segovia Isaacs gallery presents a group of works that at first sight seem to contain no human representation. Yet coming closer we discover some tiny characters that speak to us of life and how we live it. Their disproportionate size on the canvas is in no way an impediment to their [...]

A diagonal look
Francesc Miralles · La Vanguardia · 27 June 1997

Modest Almirall (Barcelona, 1959) presents a score of mixed technique works on canvas that introduce us to a world based on the strictest geometricity. But his is far from being a cold geometry; rather it contains a structure with architectural elements that imposes itself through its individualised composition: it suggests rather than explains. To further [...]